Stuck Injection Core Removal

Reclaim Solutions is the pleased to be able to assist mud motor power section manufacturers with the removal of stuck injection cores. It happens to the best and when it happens you need a stator core removal service that will ensure the safe return of your reline stator and the valuable injection core.

Stator Injection Core Removal

Once your injection core becomes stuck, there is no other safe and effective way to release the core and return it clean, ready to run and with your power section stator clean and ready for reline. Quite simply, it is the only safe way to protect your stator elastomer injection investment, avoid costly downtime and protect your customers stator.

Best In Class Rubber Removal Service

Though everyone hopes they do not need it, it is nice to know you have a service provider capable of freeing your elastomer molding core should it become stuck during the molding process. Through our unique technology we are able safely remove the core without damage to the stator. We know how important these parts are to your elastomer reline operations and as a result all core removals receive priority rush status.

Our stuck stator injection core service includes freeing the core, removing the rubber, blasting the ID & OD of the stator tube and ensuring the core and plate are rubber free, clean, and ready to go! Trust us for all your power section rubber removal needs. From overshoots and remolds to stuck cores and composite stator, whatever you need to provide best in class mud motor power section stator rubber removal for relines, we stand ready to assist.

Reclaim Solutions Stator Service:

  • Rubber Free Stators
  • Degreased, Debonded
  • ID & OD Blasted
  • 24 Hour Turnaround
  • Elastomer Inspection (NBR)
  • Thru-tubing/Coiled Tubing
  • Down-hole Stators
  • All Stator Sizes and Lengths
  • Conventional and Even Wall
  • All Elastomer Types