Stator Tube Degreasing and Oil Removal Service

We provide a faster, lower-cost alternative, to traditional stator bonding preparation. Our facility, designed to handle stator tubes (as well as any steel or alloy pipe), can degrease a stator ID in 5 minutes or less. Additionally we simultaneously clean the OD of the stator, removing all stamps and paint marks left by your tubular manufacturer. Let us save you time, money and expensive equipment by eliminating the need to use chemical dips and thermal degreasing methods to remove oil from your new stator tubes while enabling you to provide the best in class stator rubber bonding your power section customers have come to expect.

Power Section Stator Oil Removal

You work hard to ensure you provide your power section customers with the best elastomer bonding service possible. We work hard to make sure you have a low-cost, fast oil removal service for your new stator tubes. Using our unique blast cleaning process we are able to quickly clean the ID of your stator tube, typically in 5 minutes or less per stator. This allows us to run up to 60 new stator tubes through our cleaning process in a shift and keep your oil removal costs low, eliminating the need to install, maintain, and run costly equipment. Your new stator tubes come back oil free and ready for injection preparation.

Power Section Stator Degreasing

Regardless of whether you are removing oil from a new power section stator in preparation for a first time injection or cleaning material from a stator tube sent in for reline, you need an effective degreasing process that is inexpensive, fast and effective. If you currently use water jet, liquid nitrogen or burnoff ovens to do your rubber removal, you know how much debris can be left behind requiring additional stator tube treatments like thermal degreasing and increasing your media costs as well as your turnaround time. Let us handle your degreasing needs, making sure you get back a clean power section stator, ready for reline.

About Our Stator Degreasing & Oil Removal Service

We specialize in power section stator cleaning. From new power section oil removal to rubber removal and stator degreasing, if you need a clean stator we deliver. We have built our business around providing mud motor manufacturers with the best in power section stator cleaning services for their stator molding operations. We focus on making sure your power section stators are clean so you don't have to worry about rubber, oils, bonding agents and debris left behind. From small thru-tubing stators used in directional drilling to large down-hole drilling power section stators, we can handle it all.

Stator Degreasing & Oil Removal:

  • No Residual Materials Left From Reline Processing
  • No Oil or Paint Marks Left From Manufacturing
  • Fast Processing (up to 60 stators per day)
  • The Most Affordable Power Section Stator Cleaning Available