BOP (Blowout Preventer) Element Rubber Removal

Providing clean, safe and fast removal of Annular (spherical) Blowout Preventer Packing Element Elastomers. Reclaim Solutions unique elastomer removal system provides annular blowout preventer (BOP) manufacturers with a safe and clean rubber removal alternative for all spherical packing element styles (Shaffer® & Hydril® type annular elements).

Clean spherical element elastomer removal

Reclaim Solutions provides a clean alternative to traditional burnoff oven rubber removal for today's high performance annular element elastomers. Elements are returned clean, free of all debris, and ready for remolding. Regardless of how large your spherical BOP elements are, we have the capability to cleanly remove the elastomer.

Safe annular BOP element Elastomer Removal

With the increased focus on blow out preventers, you need a rubber removal process that provides safe removal of your elastomer and ensures the elements are not damaged. Processes like burnoff ovens and liquid nitrogen dips leave elastomer material behind and can lead to unnecessary damage to elements.

About Our BOP Element Elastomer Removal Service

Our unique rubber removal process allows is to cleanly remove elastomer for annular BOP elements cleanly and safely. All elements are returned promptly to our customers, free of all debris and ready for production. Regardless of what type of spherical blowout preventer elements you need to reline, we can accommodate. We have equipment to handle small elements and large. If you are in the Houston area, we can even provide pickup and drop off services to save you freight costs and time.

Hydril® and Shaffer® are registered trademarks of their respective companies: GE Oil & Gas and National Oilwell Varco

BOP Element Rubber Removal:

  • No Residual Rubber or Dust
  • Free pickup/drop off in Houston
  • Shaffer and Hydril styles
  • Any Size and Weight