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Reclaim Solutions is the premier facility for all your pipe cleaning needs. From power section stator relines used in mud motors for down-hole drilling, to thick wall specialty pipe used by Houston area precision manufacturing and fabrication shops, we provide exceptional cleaning services to all our valued customers. Contact us today for a quote on stator elastomer removal and/or pipe cleaning & oil degreasing.

Stator Rubber Removal

Reclaim Solutions provides power section manufactures with exceptional stator elastomer removal services. From coiled tubing/thru-tubing mud motor power section stators as small as 1 11/16" OD to down-hole drilling progressive cavity pump power section stators as large as 13" OD, no size is too big or too small.

Our unique technology allows us to provide our customers with the best prices and service on power section stator rubber removal. Unlike the alternative technologies like liquid nitrogen dips and burn off ovens, our technology is gentle on the stator and allows us to remove the rubber in its whole state. Stators are sent back to our customers rubber, bond, oil, dirt and paint free. We blast each stator ID and OD, reducing the pre-injection preparation costs as well as reducing the turnaround time for power section stator elastomer relining. Learn More

Pipe Blasting & Cleaning

Our unique technology allows us to blast the ID (inside diameter) and OD (outside diameter) of any size pipe. We offer our customers quick turn around and rock bottom pricing. Our facility is set up to clean a pipe from 2' to 30' in length and anywhere from 2" to 13" in diameter and with the use of our custom equipment, we can offer our customers the best pipe cleaning prices. For large or regular recurring orders, we can even provide pick up and drop off services in the Houston area. Learn More